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With the world’s first seamless micropayment system we are bridging the gap between traditional payment methods on self-service and autonomous machines and revolutionary blockchain technology by incorporating real-time analytics to help make your day-to-day transactions, simple and secure.


Enumbra mobile app leverages our revolutionary blockchain to allow users with smartphones to interact with any Enumbra Terminal integrated in our partner machines. After payment is locally confirmed, the terminal will authorize the escrow of the product or service in question, in a harmonizing manner. With Enumbra, you can experience simplicity and safety right at your fingertips.


Use Enumbra to fulfil your day-to-day transactions

Enumbra Parking
Enumbra Car Wash
Enumbra Laundry
Enumbra Tolls
Enumbra Ticket Machine
Enumbra Vending Machine
Enumbra Transfer



Behind the Scenes

Enumbra instant and decentralized

Instant and Decentralized

Global spread of nodes allows transactions to take place in less than 2 seconds.

Enumbra micropayments friendly

Micropayments Friendly

No matter how small, make any type of payments with microfees.

Enumbra eco friendly


Proof of Stake doesn’t require mining rigs therefore, Enumbra keeps on functioning with minimal energy requirements.

Enumbra scalable


Algorithm has proven to surpass the number of transactions per minute of traditional payment services.

Enumbra Sustainable Future

Sustainable Future

Dedicated Development, Marketing and Advisory teams are working relentlessly to ensure a promising future for Enumbra.

Enumbra Traceable


With Enumbra, service providers know when/where their public target is spending their money and on which items – this creates opportunities for customisation, service improvement and inventory tracking/forecast.

Enumbra Mobile payments in mind

Mobile Payments in Mind

Enumbra lets users take advantage of its cutting-edge blockchain to buy food, pay tolls or transfer money amongst themselves.


With Enumbra there are advantages for all!

Enumbra Opportunities
For Buyers
  • No more heavy coins
  • Convert fiat instantly
  • Track your funds
  • Predict your monthly spendings
  • Find machines with your favorite products
  • Transfer funds between users
  • Receive daily promotions
  • Simplified payments
  • Very low fees
Enumbra Opportunities
Enumbra Opportunities
For Business
  • Manage inventory and orders automatically
  • Access your account balance from anywhere
  • Obtain useful data from our AI and real-time statistics
  • Find location and sensors reports from your machines
  • Protection against vandalism or thieves
  • Save energy during low usage cycles

Mobile APP

Carry your wallet

Manage your Account

Easily convert any local fiat money into Enumbras, create a list of your favorite products, receive daily promotions, review suppliers and manage your contacts list.

Take Control of your Funds

By using our app AI, you can granularly track your spendings, wallet balance and make future predictions based on your transaction history.

Make Payments

Make any payments on-the-go by using QR Code or NFC on Enumbra Terminals and confirm any transaction in seconds.

Explore Enumbra

From exploring nearby machines with your favorite products to finding the ones with lowest cost – we have lots of other cool features that you don't want to miss out on! Our AI ready applications are always on the hunt to grab the best deals for you.

Enumbra Android App

Web Platform

Harness the power of data in a revolutionary platform

Enumbra App Business

Analyze data, get to know your customer, improve your services and experience many more benefits with Enumbra!

Data Analysis

Get real time analytics, check out the most profitable products for your business, find peak cycles, implement loyalty programs per customer or know what’s the best time to refill your machine. Finally, use our advanced report system to print and visualize detailed reports for KPI or financial analysis.

Manage your Terminals

Check your transactions, current balance or device status and receive real time notifications related with all activities. Get to know exactly when to refill your stock, receive malfunctions and vandalism alerts and many more by using Enumbra sensors and telemetry.

Decrease Management Costs

The platform plans the stock replacement route of your machines, alerting your staff by sending an optimized displacement map and list of the required products. Save fuel and time by letting our Artificial Intelligence optimize yours costs, while never degrading your customers’ experience.

Improve your Sales

Increase spending per customer and get more internal and foreign consumer purchases while using Enumbra coins on your machines.

Business Web Wallet

Manage the balance from all your terminals in one account or exchange Enumbra coins to any currency. If desired, you can also instantly deposit as fiat into your bank account.

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Create a Favourites List

List your favourite products, get to know similar products based on your likes and habits and find out where they are sold.

Track your Expenses

Our APP uses machine learning algorithms to predict your monthly spending based on your past behaviors and habits. It also lets you check your current spending and understand exactly in what, where and when, you spend your money.

Convert our Coins Instantly

Use our trust lines to compare and exchange Enumbra coins with any other currency. Alternatively, freeze your assets to protect yourself against market volatility in real-time.

Personal Web Wallet

Manage your account and do all the operations on your phone or computer with a personal web wallet. This guarantees your funds are always secured, so you’ll be able to access your account even if you loose your phone.


Trust our payment terminal to make your life simple so that you can enjoy your favorite products

Purchase any product with your phone

Enumbra terminal allows you to buy your favorite products or services from automated self-service machines while leveraging the power of our blockchain.


This cashless system is ready to work with or without an internet connection, which makes it suitable to operate in critical environments where internet access is limited or internet breakdowns are frequent(i.e. underdeveloped countries). This special feature provides a new level of interoperability, making this payment system one of a kind.

Easy and practical to use

Simply read the QR Code or use your mobile NFC to validate the purchase and voilá! You can sit down and enjoy your product.

Enumbra Terminal


Here are the simple steps to start using Enumbra

Enumbra Wallet
1. Create your Wallet

Create a wallet to store your coins.

Enumbra Coins
2. Buy Enumbra

Buy Enumbra with Bitcoin or Ethereum, and receive your ENB in your wallet.

Enumbra phone
3. Make a payment

Read the transaction QR Code and pay for your products or services.


Join our ICO and get a special bonus

    Starts: To be announced
    Ends: To be announced

    Soft Cap: None
    Hard Cap: 1.6 million dollars
    Total ENB for sale: 3 200 000 (2.75%)
    Price: 0.50 USD

1st-2nd week: 32% Bonus
    Starts: To be announced
    Ends: To be announced

    Soft Cap: 800 thousand dollars
    Hard Cap: 8 million dollars
    Total ENB for sale: 16 000 000 (13.79%)
    Price: 0.50 USD

1st day: 30% Bonus
1st-4nd week: 25% Bonus
Have your name on our office wall
Get a T-shirt if you invest more than 1000 USD
    Starts: To be announced
    Ends: To be announced

    Soft Cap: 2 million dollars
    Hard Cap: 12 million dollars
    Total ENB for sale: 24 000 000 (20.7%)
    Price: 0.50 USD

1st day: 20% Bonus
1st week: 15% Bonus
2nd-3rd week: 10% Bonus
4th week: 5% Bonus


Coin distribution and funds allocation

Enumbra symbol

Symbol: ENB

Total ICO: 43 200 000 ENB (37.24%)

Circulating Supply: 72 791 200 ENB (62.76%)

Total Supply: 115 991 200 ENB

Enumbra coin allocation
Enumbra funds distribution


  • Q2 2017
    • Team creation
    • Concept creation
    • Market Research
  • Q3 2017
    • Startup Creation
    • Idea Research and Development
  • Q1 2018
    • Enumbra domain registration
    • Brand registration
    • Website Launch
    • Media Enabled
    • Press-Release
    • ICO Enumbra Token Creation
    • Private-ICO start
  • Q2 2018
    • Release of Enumbra Token
    • Pre-ICO start
    • Whitepaper/Lightpaper Release
    • Platform to acquire Enumbra coins(ENB)
    • ICO start
    • Listing of Enumbra Token on Exchanges
    • Hunt for Strategic and Key industry Partners
      • Global vending machines manufacturers
      • Beverage/Snack producers
      • Parking Meter Manufacturers
      • Automated Highway Systems
  • Q3/Q4 2018
    • Search for Angel Investors
    • Hiring Stage
      • Electrical Engineers
      • Developers
      • Marketing Specialists
      • Legal Advisors
      • Sales and Commercials
      • Consultants
    • List Enumbra coins(ENB) on top Exchanges
  • Q2 2019
    • Enumbra Road Tour Worldwide
      • Faires
      • Manufacturers
      • Conferences
      • Shopping Malls
    • Marketing/Advertising Campaign of Enumbra products with Partners
      • Social Media
      • Newspapers articles
      • Cryptocurrency sites
      • Websummit
    • Release of Company Public Earnings report for investors
  • Q4 2018
    • Enumbra Blockchain initialized and desktop wallet released
    • Exchange of Enumbra Tokens for Enumbra Coins(ENB) in Enumbra Application
  • Q1 2019
    • Release of Android/IOS application compatible with Enumbra Blockchain
    • Release of Enumbra Business Platform Prototype
  • Q2 2019
    • Working prototype of Enumbra-ready vending machine
    • Public Release of Enumbra Business Platform
  • Q3 2019
    • First units of Enumbra-ready vending machines placement on major cities worldwide
  • Q2 2020
    • Next-Gen mass-production line of Enumbra-Ready Intelligent Vending machines with Key Industry vending machine manufacturers


Our experienced and motivated team

Enumbra Cesar Alves

César Alves

Lead Core Developer
Enumbra João Luz

João Luz

Lead Platform Developer
Enumbra João Jesus

João Jesus

Lead Blockchain Developer
Enumbra Hugo Melo

Hugo Melo

Electrical Systems Engineer
Enumbra Joana Pereira

Joana Pereira

Art Director and Designer
Enumbra José Moreira

José Moreira

Information Security Expert
Enumbra Paulo Lobão

Paulo Lobão

Systems Developer
Enumbra Hugo Santos

Hugo Santos

iOS/Android Developer
Enumbra Artur Guia

Artur Guia

Systems Administrator
Enumbra Sérgio Oliveira

Sérgio Oliveira

Customer Service Manager
Enumbra Karolina Laskowska

Karolina Laskowska

Enumbra Marta Machado

Marta Machado

Financial Advisor
Enumbra Mariana Maraschin

Mariana Maraschin

Legal Support
Enumbra Sara Duarte

Sara Duarte

Talent Acquisition
Enumbra Agata Kwiatkowska

Agata Kwiatkowska

Customer Service Support
Enumbra Bruno Semeano

Bruno Semeano

Account Manager
Enumbra Hugo Melo

Hugo Melo

Technical Support Engineer





The documents official language is English, all other languages are translations, if want to contribute please contact us.


Find the most relevant answers for your questions

What is Enumbra?

Enumbra is a seamless micropayment system which aims to replace and simplify traditional payment methods on self-service and autonomous machines while, providing sensory information to suppliers. This data, allied with our cutting-edge AI, would allow our partners to take part in a revolutionary platform, in order to improve customer experience and therefore their sales. Our platform has its own cryptocurrency(ENB) as an exchange unit and its own decentralized blockchain to process each transaction safely and instantly. No chargebacks, no frauds, no complications. Just Simplicity.

Why should I use Enumbra?

How many times did you want to buy coffee for you and your friends but you didn't have spare any spare change? How about those parking tickets you got for not having coins and you were already running late?? All of this has happened to us, at some point in our lives and this precisely why the concept of Enumbra was born. It is for the people who are tired of having to carry little heavy metal things called coins in their pockets and keeping track of these tiny objects. Allied with blockchain and our powerful apps, you can simply use your phone and our terminal to quickly snap your favorite product, in a fast, weightless and secure manner. If you’re a commercial user, you can use our platform to automate inventory orders with suppliers, obtain real-time data (top products, collected money, usage cycles, etc.) by using our AI driven dashboard.

What’s your goal?

Our goal is to see our vision spreading worldwide so that we can enjoy the satisfaction of making life easier for both, users and companies that make use of our payment service. This will allow our hard working and perseverant team to keep evolving our services and present you with the latest cutting-edge technology available.

My question is not in this list. What should I do?

If you have not been able to find the answer to your queries in this section, feel free to email our support team who will be more than happy to help you. Please specify the following information when dropping your messages:

  • Topic
  • Transaction ID(if applicable)
  • And of course your question! :P

What is an ICO and Pre-ICO?

Pre-ICO happens before ICO and it allows investors who are lucky enough to purchase tokens at discounted prices and render their support for the project from the very beginning. “ICO stands for “Initial Coin Offering” and it is a means of raising capital through a crowdfunding campaign with the use of crypto-assets as investment. A digital asset, the coin or the token, is issued for a purpose and are sold to raise money for the said purpose.

What happens if the Soft Cap is not reached?

If by any reason the Soft Cap is not reached during any ICO period, your money will be safely returned to you.

What is required to buy Enumbra Tokens?

To receive Enumbra tokens bought in ICO phase, it’s required an Ethereum ERC20 compliant wallet. For beginners, we recommend the use of MyEtherWallet since it’s easier to use, but any wallet like Parity, Mist, Metamask or any other ERC20 compliant wallet is also fine.

How do I buy Enumbra tokens(ENBT)?

You can buy ENB tokens with BTC, LTC or ETH through you user account. Click on the buy button, fill in your Ethereum ERC20 compliant wallet address and send the desired amount to the displayed address. We don’t require any personal details, so after your transaction is confirmed we’ll transfer your Enumbras to your ETH ERC20 compliant wallet.

Wait, what about Enumbra coins(ENB)?

After the ICO has ended and Enumbra wallet is released, there will be two distinct Enumbra cryptos, a token and a coin. The token is used temporarily during the ICO phases to finance the company while Enumbra coins will be the “de facto” standard to be used in our platform and machines. This, is because Enumbra will have it’s own blockchain powering the platform efficiently as possible.

What’s the minimum purchasable amount?

The minimum amount accepted during any period of the token distribution is 0.01 BTC or the LTC/ETH equivalent. Smaller contribution amounts will be rejected.

When will I get my Enumbra tokens?

You will receive your tokens immediately after the network has confirmed the transfer of ETH/BTC/LTC to our wallet address. Afterwards, the corresponding amount of Enumbra tokens will be transferred to ETH wallet and will also be visible on main dashboard during the ICO period. Following this, and when Enumbra wallet is released, you will be able to trade in instantly any tokens from your ETH wallet into Enumbra coins through your new shiny wallet address.

How can I see my coins bought?

If you bought your tokens through our platform, you can see the total amount in your ETH ERC20 compliant wallet or alternatively, on your profile dashboard.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes, we do have a referral program. The reward according to our referral program tops at 15%. To participate in our program, you must register on our platform and use your unique link that will be accessible in your personal account, in the referral menu.

How can I exchange Enumbra tokens to Enumbra coins?

After the wallet is released, you will be able to exchange your Enumbra tokens directly to Enumbra coins using your account on Enumbra dashboard. When the time is right, we will announce it on our social media and through our newsletter, so be sure to subscribe to it. we promise we won’t share your personals or send too much emails.

When can I expect the release of the Enumbra wallet?

The official release date for the Enumbra wallet has been set for two months after the ICO period which falls in the period of mid-August, 2018.